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Video Transcription

The Tribeca Film Festival is a platform that allows a lot of storytellers to come to one place to show what they’ve put together.

We’re going into our fourth year what Eventbrite. Every year since we’ve been with Eventbrite we’ve seen an incremental push off.

This is the festival’s 15th year opening night and tend to be pretty crazy. There’s usually a lot of celebrity presence, there’s usually a lot of press.

I’m Pete Torres and I’m the Managing Director of the Tribeca Film Festival. We have film, we have virtual reality. It’s just such an energy it’s like such a beautiful vibe.

My name is Sean McCoy and I’m the manager of all ticketing and accrediting operations. This is actually my 8th year at the festival. Over those years I’ve seen the ticket selling technology change a lot. It is tricky, there’s a lot of screenings that are happening around the same time, so really a balancing act.

People expect ease and they want ease of entrance to a festival and access to the festival. When I first started, 100 percent of the tickets were printed. Right now, less than 5% of our tickets are printed.

It is just really the ease of being able to just go on your phone in order a ticket.

The sales process is a lot easier and the check-in process has become seamless.

The Eventbrite organizer app; I’m checking that every 5 minutes.

You use that first thing in the morning, we all log in, to make sure we’re all on pace to meet our projection.

It’s really intuitive. Every single seller is able to go on their iPad and just easily see if something is sold out, when a screening is playing and how many tickets have been allocated.

Eventbrite is really unique. They have a huge team that is able to help you build out your event so you’re not just buying software and then expected to just be on your own. The filmmakers are happy and we’re happy because we have a full house and that’s mission critical.